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Welcome to LEKA-TRADE

LEKA-TRADE is an investment company whose aim is to take advantage of the volatility of crypto-currencies and a thorough study of the financial markets to offer our customers high returns and secure their financial future.

At LEKA_TRADE, we believe that every dream deserves to be transformed into a financial reality. Our team of passionate traders has developed a hyper-powerful trading algorithm that uses artificial intelligence to predict different trades with ultra-fast speed. So we're committed to providing you with intelligent investment opportunities and maximizing your returns. With LEKA_TRADE, you're not just investing, you're creating your future. Join us and together we'll build a success story.

  •  Learn How To Read And Forecast The Markets
  •  Discover How To Find Trade Opportunities And Manage Risk
  •  Make Smarter Decisions With Experienced Market Analysts Guidance
  •  Unlock And Trade Up To $2.5M Of Our Capital - Keep 70% Of Any Profits

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Investment Plans

Choose the investment plan that's right for you


$100 - $300

70% Every Hour
  • Profit For Every Hour Yes
  • Capital will back No
  • 1680 % +


$350 - $500

73% Every Hour
  • Profit For Every Hour Yes
  • Capital will back No
  • 1752 % +


$600 - $900

74% Every Hour
  • Profit For Every Hour Yes
  • Capital will back No
  • 1924 % +


$1000 - $1400

74.2% Every Hour
  • Profit For Every Hour Yes
  • Capital will back No
  • 1929.2 % +


$1500 - $3000

75% Every Hour
  • Profit For Every Hour Yes
  • Capital will back No
  • 1950 % +


$4000 - $8000

75.1% Every Hour
  • Profit For Every Hour Yes
  • Capital will back No
  • 1952.6 % +

Black diamond

$10000 - $90000

75.3% Every Hour
  • Profit For Every Hour Yes
  • Capital will back No
  • 2033.1 % +

Why Choose Investment Plan

An investment plan offers structure, diversification, professional management, accessibility and regular monitoring, optimizing your chances of financial success in both the long and short term.

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Expert Management

LEKA-TRADE has a team of seasoned finance and trading experts. These professionals have extensive experience in analyzing financial markets and implementing effective trading strategies. Their expertise enables them to optimize the performance of your investments.

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Registered Company

LEKA-TRADE is a registered and regulated company, which means it operates legally and in compliance with current standards and regulations. This provides customers with additional assurance of the platform's reliability and legitimacy.

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Secure Investment

LEKA-TRADE prioritizes the security of customer investments with robust measures including data encryption and two-factor verification to protect funds and personal information.

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Verified Security

LEKA-TRADE undergoes regular security audits by independent third parties to guarantee the reliability of its systems and the protection of sensitive data. These additional checks reinforce customer confidence in the platform.

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Instant Withdrawal

LEKA-TRADE offers you the option of withdrawing your funds instantly. This means you can access and withdraw your winnings quickly, without undue delay. This feature offers additional flexibility and convenience to investors.


Last Deposits & Withdrawals

Here you can see the latest transactions made by our users

Name Amount Gateway Date
Yvanna Leslie $ 1500 wave 12 Mar, 2024 05:15 PM
Paul BOUAKÉ $ 2990 M-PESA 04 Mar, 2024 07:59 PM
Michel ZEHOURI $ 2985 Airtel money 04 Mar, 2024 07:55 PM
Ghislain BEBAS $ 4990 BTC 04 Mar, 2024 07:50 PM
Elodie KOUEDI $ 1490 wave 04 Mar, 2024 07:44 PM
Name Amount Gateway Date
Michel ZEHOURI $ 3000 MTN Money (XAF) 18 Mar, 2024 05:56 PM
Paul BOUAKÉ $ 50000 wave 18 Mar, 2024 05:47 PM
Sylvestre DJEUGA $ 50000 MTN Money (XOF) 13 Mar, 2024 07:32 AM
Elodie KOUEDI $ 20000 Airtel money 08 Mar, 2024 03:45 AM
Ghislain BEBAS $ 40000 wave 06 Mar, 2024 09:38 AM

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