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17 Dec, 2021 Posted by - Admin
The 10 Most Expensive Assets per Unit in the Cryptographic Economy in 2024

A lot has changed in regard to the prices of various crypto assets throughout 2023. Today’s top crypto assets look a lot different than they did 12 months ago. Moreover, the most valuable cryptocurrencies in terms of U.S. dollars per unit have also evolved, and the top ten most expensive coins have shifted.

Here is a look at the top ten most expensive crypto assets in 2024, in terms of USD per unit:

  1. Bitcoin (BTC): Approximately $38,000 per unit.
  2. Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC): Approximately $38,000 per unit.
  3. Huobi BTC (HBTC): Approximately $38,000 per unit.
  4. Token Yearn Finance (YFI): Approximately $28,425 per unit.
  5. Ethereum (ETH): Approximately $2,700 per unit.

These five crypto assets are the most expensive in terms of value per unit in March 2024. Interestingly, most of them are tokenized forms of Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Published on March 1, 2024