Online investment packages are managed by our algorithms and supervised by our team of qualified traders. You invest a sum of money in a specific pack, and we manage your investments according to your profile and objectives.
LEKA_TRADE is an online investment platform that provides you with an ultra-powerful trading algorithm and a team of traders responsible for maintaining this algorithm at its top level. You can create a portfolio and make deposits and withdrawals in complete security.
You can register with LEKA_TRADE by visiting our website and following the registration steps.
when you create your account, you automatically create your portfolio and receive a $5 bonus at the same time. you make a deposit according to the investment package you choose. Once you've made a deposit into your portfolio, you can invest by clicking on your chosen investment pack, and your portfolio will be debited with the required amount.

bien sûr, le bonus d'inscription est de 15 $

our algorithm is in charge of making your investment grow thanks to the trading methods we've developed and, above all, in a legal manner. earnings are generated according to the different investment packages.